"One's personal experience is a richness for the rest!"

In 2003 the Residents' Association was created at the Viscontea residence. All the students who have lived here and experienced the formative opportunity join the group.

If you want to join fill in this  form  and send it to the  association.

Boards leggi

Composition of the board of the association

President: Luisa Maramotti
Vice president: Silvia Tore
Secretary: Lucia Sartea
Bursar: Roberta Vasquez

Constitution leggi

Art. 2 and 6 of the Constitution

Statuto dell' "Associazione Residenti Collegio Universitario Viscontea"
Art. 2: "The Association is no-profit and its goal is to value and promote ex-residents [...], to create possibilities of contact among ex-residents, and between ex-residents and the social, cultural and economic associations. These goals are pursued through the organization and promotion of professional, cultural, social and recreational initiatives.  The Association proposes initiatives in favour of Viscontea, supporting personal formation and the spreading of Christian values".

Art. 6: "Membership is reserved to ex-residents of the Viscontea residence. Non residents can participate,  if they demonstrate interest in the activities and if the share the same goals as the Association. With the right requisites, membership is requested to the President and confirmed by the board.".

Activities of the Association leggi

The Association every year organises network activities among ex-residents and promotes cultural, professional and social events.

Some of the initiatives are:
- Workshops;
- Conferences;
- Christmas cocktail;
- Excursions and trips;
- Ex residents meetings.

For more information contact the association.